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George Courey Reports Businesses Must Remain Competitive Even when Cutting Expenses offers deep discounts on healthcare and hotel linens, bedding, and textiles to help their clients achieve their stated business goals


Laval, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- George Courey understands many businesses are struggling to remain competitive in today's marketplace and strives to assist clients in cutting expenses without sacrificing quality. The company offers a number of promotions to help clients keep costs low while providing only the highest in quality. Many, when shopping for new items for their business, turn to this healthcare and hotel linen supplier for all of their bedding, textile, and linen needs.

"Consumers want value for their money, but expect the highest in quality at all times. When a company chooses to purchase items through a George Courey promotion, they realize they are getting only top quality textiles, linens, and bedding at incredibly low prices, items guests are sure to appreciate. Many items offered through a George Courey promotion come in at 50 percent or less of the original asking price, allowing businesses to properly serve clients and save money while doing so," A. Damato, spokesperson for George Courey, states.

Hospitality items one may wish to purchase through George Courey include bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry linens, sport towels, carts and more. The company currently offers Aristocrat hand towels at approximately 57 percent off the original asking price, and one may also choose to purchase printed percale sheet sets, currently being offered at a 63 percent discount. Be sure to check out all hospitality items and promotions at the George Courey website (

"Companies find savings such as this allow them to better budget for unexpected expenses, upgrades in other areas, and more. The more a company can save on items of this type, the easier it will be to increase their budget in other areas, areas of more concern to clients, such as customer service. Be sure to check out the great promotions offered on the company website. Those who choose to do so can find some amazing bargains," Damato continues.

Healthcare purchasing agents find they may also save on items purchased through a George Courey promotion. Healthcare items offered include apparel, linens, carts, and more. Select from discount items such as Softouch blankets, Futura blankets, and Dan Rivers pillowcases. Head over to to learn more about these and other items offered at an incredibly low price.

"Contact George Courey today to discuss your healthcare and hospitality bedding, linens, and textile needs. Now is not the time to sacrifice on quality, as doing so could lead to customers going elsewhere. Take advantage of promotions such as those mentioned above to cut expenses without reducing quality standards. Businesses who do so find their customers appreciate this and reward them with the client's loyalty," Damato proclaims.

About George Courey
George Courey remains the uncontested industry leader when it comes to linens, textiles, and bedding in Canada. In business for more than 100 years, the company earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, and this tradition continues today. All employed by the company continue to be dedicated to the human element of business relationships, consistency, and product quality, and the company strives to constantly learn and adapt to global marketplace changes. This allows George Courey to stand head and shoulders above its competitors.