Asha Care Organization

George Molakal, American Investor, Harvard and Oxford Alumni Establishes "Asha Care" from Informal Funding Since 2011 to a Formal Platform


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2017 -- Asha Care is India's first platform to care for widows who have lost their husbands due to illnesses, suicides, and various other tragic events. Widows in rural India are usual home makers, and with the loss of the husbands, they have no income to support the daily living needs, basic food necessities and education for children and healthcare. In such situations, children drop out from schools to start working to earn daily bread for their families. This is tragic and its melts one's heart to see a family with hope for the future, lose its balance because the main breadwinner has suddenly died.

Since 2011 George Molakal used his funds to provide a stipend for widows across multiple states in India to educate and reskill the widows and also provide an immediate cushion to the family for their basic needs and educational support of the children. This has slowly grown with more widows and children under the program, and now George is reaching out to his close friends to pitch in to support the widows who are the foundations of the families.

About Asha Care
Asha (Hope) Care aims to provide a platform for the widows to get simple skills training so that can do some job, such as weaving, tailoring and other home based to skills for women based entrepreneurship. The platform also provides a monthly stipend for three years for stabilizing themselves and getting back to having a steady income to look after their families and society.

The platform has covered multiple states across India, including Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and has reached out to villages in South Africa and Tanzania. The current operations are in low scale and with more widows looks for support, the work scale is also growing along with funding requirements.

Asha Care is working with several NGO's for imparting skills training, identifying the widows and establishing the care and education of the children.

Asha Care needs more volunteers and donors, and the platform enables the support to the widows who have no income to receive help and care from those privileged.

George hopes to grow this into a global platform so that it can serve countries across the world in a transparent and community driven hope and care.