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Georgette Miller Announces Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law Services

The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C. they have attorneys who are available, trained, and educated in the mortgage field who are eager and ready to help.


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2012 -- Filing for bankruptcy is not always easy, and at The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C., they understand what bankruptcy is,and what the consequences are if a client were to file improperly. So, this is why every Bankruptcy Lawyer on their staff approaches a bankruptcy case with the sensitivity and respect a client deserves.

Also, if you are a homeowner who is thinking of refinancing your home, do not be intimidated about the process or the paperwork. At The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C. they have attorneys who are available, trained, and educated in the mortgage field who are eager and ready to help any client with the refinancing process.

Refinancing your home can be broken down into a series of smaller steps, all of which are fairly simple. Following are some of the steps their lawyers take in order to help a person refinance a mortgage successfully:

1. They begin by helping a client get all of the necessary paperwork ready for the lender. The paperwork should include verification of all income and assets such as tax returns, W2s, paycheck stubs, and bank statements. Rates are consistently fluctuating, so if a person is looking for a particular interest rate, his window of opportunity can be as little as a couple of hours.

2. What are the reasons for refinancing? Is the purpose to lower the interest rate, reduce the monthly payment, or lock in a fixed monthly payment? The type and terms of the refinance mortgage will depend on one of these or a combination.

3. Based on a client’s goals, each lawyer will set target dates for monthly payments. They help decide on the mortgage term and whether or not the person should apply for a fixed or adjustable-rate mortgage.

4. They check a client’s credit ratings. A low credit rating will affect the interest rate and the availability of a refinance mortgage.

5. They help determine if there are any changes in property value. A drop in property value can make it difficult to refinance a mortgage.

6. The lawyer will also help the client inquire about any prepayment penalties on the existing mortgage. Some mortgages have penalties for early repayment which is important to know so it can be measured against the potential savings from refinancing.

At The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, P.C, they will be able to provide any client with the comprehensive legal solutions they deserve when it comes to bankruptcy or real estate law. To hear more about the legal services visit them on the web at:

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Ms. Miller immigrated to the United States with the goal of becoming an attorney. She has the drive and desire to help anyone who is in need of Bankruptcy Lawyers in DE. Ms. Miller attained her Juris Doctorate degree from Rutgers School of Law - Camden and has a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in Taxation from Temple University School of Law. Ms. Miller has practiced in some of the largest regional and international firms in the country and has also been an in-house counsel with suggestion Bankruptcy Lawyers in Wilmington as well as significant real estate investment trust (REIT).