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Georgia Law States That Workers Injured on the Job Are Entitled to Compensation, Darwin F. Johnson Says


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2016 -- The prestigious Atlanta workers' comp attorney, Darwin F. Johnson, is reminding the citizens of Georgia that if they are injured at work, they are not responsible for covering the fees that ensue as a product of the accident on their own. Contrary to what employers and insurance companies that may try to avoid yielding their share of liability for injuries may say to victims, the laws are cut and dry. If an injury happens on the job, workers' compensation is there to cover all relevant medical costs.

Those who are suffering from traumatic head, back, neck, shoulder and knee injuries, broken bones, carpal tunnel syndrome and reflex sympathetic disorder—to name a few—as a result of a mishap at work do not need to absorb the burden of hefty medical bills on their own. In the wake of an injury, navigating the confusing process if attaining compensation can be difficult and stressful.

Darwin F. Johnson, a work injury lawyer serving Greater Atlanta, and his team know the laws, and they will work tirelessly to try and get their clients every penny of compensation that they are entitled to. As an attorney for the Georgia court system, Darwin F. Johnson saw the measures that insurance companies would often take to avoid compensating injured workers one too many times, and in 2004 he decided enough was enough, and opened a practice dedicated to helping victims of workplace accidents.

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