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Georgia Residents Give Winter a Warmer & Safer Welcome This Year

Peachtree Comfort Gallery offers vital fireplace services to hearth owners


Sugar Hill, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2018 -- Surviving winter would be next to impossible without two things: Keeping warm and staying safe. For those who turn to Peachtree Comfort Gallery, accomplishing both is effortless. This fireplace store in Atlanta, GA, provides all of the services homeowners need to get their fireplace up and running and keep it operating safely all heating season long.

Fireplaces ignite a warm and inviting indoor environment. However, homeowners always should be mindful of fireplace safety, too. It's important for hearth owners to keep an eye on their unit during operation. Observe its performance and look out for signs that indicate a fireplace needs a repair, including these common problems:

- A shiny, black or brown buildup, known as creosote, on the walls of the firebox.

- The room fills with smoke every time the fireplace is lit.

- There are cracks or damage to the bricks or panels of the firebox.

It's important to repair a faulty or damaged fireplace right away to prevent carbon monoxide and other hazards from making their way into the home. This is where Peachtree Comfort Gallery shines. This company has mastered fireplace repairs. With unmatched experience, its hearth experts are proficient at restoring a unit's operation quickly and precisely.

As gas fireplace repair companies in Gwinnett County, GA, and beyond advise, there's no such thing as "too cautious" when it comes to being a hearth owner. Peachtree Comfort Gallery urges homeowners to schedule a fireplace inspection with this area's most trusted team. This proactive approach keeps a fireplace in tip-top shape, ensures it maintains its peak efficiency and leads to cleaner and safer operation.

It's important hearth owners are well-versed with these fireplace safety tips:

- Do not use an accelerant to start a fire.

- Install both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

- Use fireplace screens to keep sparks and fire debris inside the fireplace.

- Completely extinguish a fire before going to bed.

- Make sure the area around the fireplace is clear of all combustibles.

- Keep a fire extinguisher in the home.

- Dispose of ashes properly. Put them in a metal container, wet them and then place the ash-filled container outside.

Make this winter the safest and coziest winter to date by contacting Peachtree Comfort Gallery online or by phone at 678.439.6732 to schedule a fireplace inspection today. Keep this number on hand in case the need for a fireplace repair arises.

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