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Geotarget Local Launches Campaign to Improve Online Rankings for Local Businesses

Contractor websites can see improved SEO resuts with expertise help and website development states


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Writing for the online journal “” reporter Annie Pilon makes a point of stressing the importance of targeted websites for locally based and small business owners. “When local businesses make sure to optimize their web pages, business owners often see a drastic improvement in online viewership and sales.”

Ms. Pilon goes on to write, “With the advent of mobile technology, having a website that performs well is a complete necessity for all. Studies show that this is true for those who advertise locally, just as it is important for those who work with a nationally based audience. Improvement in online rankings were specifically seen with the mention of products, services and one's geographic location.”

Meeting the needs of businesses and their online web pages, Geotarget Local was founded. Company spokesperson Tim Walker describes the mission of his company, “We are here to help contractor websites see improved seo results and achieve the highest benefits of search engine optimization. In addition to offering our expertise in SEO and website development, we offer a range of tools so that each website can audit their rankings in real-time.”

Tim explains, “Within 45 seconds, we can enter the address of any website and see how its SEO can be enhanced using a key phrase that is targeted to that line of work or profession. We then will track the progress of those web pages to ensure that ranking goals are met. This is how we work to improve online marketing for our clients and their URL addresses.”

Tim Walker adds, “The value of website functionality and good SEO can not be underestimated. We make it our mission so that your investment in online marketing pays off in the end. Our team has achieved this for our many clients and we are always eager to work with anyone interested in improvement. We offer a no-cost consultation online at Through the use of our website, we can show you how we have improved the rankings of a variety of other websites currently online and performing on top.”

About Geotarget Local
Geotarget Local works with businesses to ensure that they receive the ranking in Google that they deserve. Their team is able to work with business owners to improve their company website ranking, while analyzing revenue streams improved by these rankings.

Geotarget Local is able to perform real-time searches and make sure their clients' web pages are performing online to their optimal best.

This firm is also able to provide no-cost checks into the SEO scores associated with a particular website and specifically show how these scores can be audited for continued success. In addition, Geotarget Local provides website development and other necessary online based services.