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German Leaves: New Book Examines Little-Known German Periodical That Challenged the Nazis During World War II

Written by Ralph P. Vander Heide, Ph.D., this stirring account of a German émigré literary periodical is the culmination of years of meticulous research by the author.


Ogden, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Ogden, UT – ‘German Leaves’, written by Ralph P. Vander Heide, Ph.D., is a detailed examination of a slice of history that has been largely forgotten in the annals of time. ‘The Deutsche Blätter für ein Europäisches Deutschland gegen ein deutsches Europa’ is not likely to be a name that the average person knows well, but to Vander Heide, this publication is as important now as it was during the Second World War.

‘The Deutsche Blätter’ was one of many exile periodicals that were started between the years 1933 and 1945. Designed to be part of the resistance effort during the war, the periodical denounced the political and moral beliefs of the Nazi party, and provided an outlet for exiled writers, educators and thinkers to voice their views.

In ‘German Leaves’, Vander Heide studies the political, religious and cultural relevance of ‘The Deutsche Blätter’ and its impact on the resistance efforts of World War II, while scrutinizing the history of Germany, the rise of the Nazis and the question most often asked about the actions that led to the Holocaust – “Why?”

The German Leaves grew out of Ralph's work for his Ph.D. and focus on German Exilliteratur (Exile Literature). Although much work has been done on the subject, both in Germany and the USA, the exile writings are still not widely known, yet the literary production of the exiles comprise some of the most excellent pieces in the history of German literature. Indeed, America has greatly profited by the so-call "brain drain" of men and women writers from Germany and Austria. The German Leaves is a work of devotion to the cause of world peace and the great importance of teaching/enjoying the humanities, in encouraging children to be all they can be, to strive and achieve, but always while considering the rights and respecting the way of life of all humans who share our planet. Persons who have read the manuscript have expressed only words of praise. They agree that they have learned a great deal about a subject they had known nothing or very little about.

Beginning as Vander Heide’s dissertation, ‘German Leaves’ went through many revisions and edits in order to make the text readable by the general public.

“It was born as part of my Ph.D. dissertation, which I compiled over a period of three years and finished in 1975,” says the author. “Obviously this was quite a scholarly text, and not easily accessible to the average person who visits a book store to find something to read. However, I believed very strongly at the time – and still do – that the world should be made aware of this wonderful little publication. It challenged the Nazis and informed Germans of current truths of the war years, as well as postwar issues. In short, I think the messages it contains are timeless.”

For ten months, Vander Heide updated, revised and edited ‘German Leaves’. The author also translated all of the German passages so that he could publish a dual language edition for English speakers. Extensive footnotes, a comprehensive glossary and updated information are all provided in the final product to facilitate the reader’s understanding of the events of the war years, and the impact of ‘The Deutsche Blätter’ during that time.

Since it’s publication, the book has earned glowing reviews.

“This is a great read for all history buffs. The author obviously devoted a great deal of time for his research,” wrote ‘travel fan’.

“GERMAN LEAVES reviews all the great issues of WWII and indeed the history of Germany since the warmongering days of Bismarck, for professors, educators, businessmen, actors, musicians are represented by the contributions, articles, in the Blatter (Leaves) It points as well to atrocities and the holocaust and gives reasons for the great "WHY." I have recently read it again. I am always finding myself going to the book for information by Germany's great writers and intellectuals of the period. Dr. Vander Heide is always saying that now so much is preserved that would have been lost. We thank him, his mentor John Spalek and all those gifted persons who fled to our nation. How we have benefited!” wrote Pete.

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About Dr. Vander Heide
Dr. Vander Heide has extensive firsthand experience with this subject matter. Ralph holds a Ph.D, in Germanic and Hispanic studies and has taught in colleges and high schools. He studied writing under Brewster Ghiselin at the University of Utah. He and his wife are the authors of Chris and Louisa, an account of polygamy and Mormonism.