Koffer Direkt Gutschein Inc

German Startup Kofferdirektqutschein.com Launches Coupon Codes Repository


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- German Startup Koffer Direkt Gutschein Inc has launched an online coupon codes repository, kofferdirektgutschein.com. To start with, the company has partnered with Koffer-direkt.de to offer coupons for leading brands sold on Koffer-direkt.de.

The company has announced that it would offer coupon codes to users for buying from other leading stores soon. As a start the website offers coupon codes for Koffer-direkt.de with premium coupons for major luggage brands. kofferdirektgutschein.com has information about all the leading luggage brands and also provides information about how to select the correct product for the customer's requirements.

http://www.kofferdirektgutschein.com has also announced that it would expand its business by partnering with local stores all over Germany. The company spokesperson Mr. Ross Stevenson said "We are aggressively expanding our company by interacting with local stores and providing our customers with coupon codes via phone messages depending on their geo location and search parameters." When asked about the future plan for the company he replied "We have currently launched coupon codes for Koffer-direkt.de and we also offer premium coupons for some of their leading luggage brands. We will soon release coupon codes for other stores across Germany other stores. "

The company expects to see a 35% increase in the number of customers when they launch their new coupon codes for other stores. The coupon codes now enable the customers to get discounts on various products and also shipping for as low as 20 Euros. The website also offers a 5 Euro discount to those who sign up for the website's newsletter. When asked about the services they provide he replied "We offer various premium services to our customers such as delivery within 24 hours of the order, free transit insurance and a full refund policy.” Mr. Stevenson added "Depending on the demand for our services we may expand our services to other countries in European Union." For more details about the website log on to http://kofferdirektgutschein.com/

About Koffer Direkt Gutschein Inc
Technical-retail startup, Kofferdirectgutschein Inc operates from Berlin, Germany. The company provides customers with coupon codes based on their geographic location. With the coupon market in Germany reaching 10B Euros this year, the company intends to make it big in Local coupon discovery. The company via their site also offers premium service which includes low cost shipping and free transit insurance.

If you’d like more information about the coupon services offered by the company or to schedule a meeting or an interview with founders of Koffer Direkt Gutschein Inc , please contact Mr. Ross Stevenson via email ross@kofferdirektgutschein.com.