Germantown Day School

Germantown Day School Offers a Structured Learning Environment for Curious Children


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Curiosity is a primal quality of humans which drives them to exploration, investigation, and learning. This behavior and emotion is a perpetual process, continuing throughout adulthood. At Germantown Day School, they believe that it's never too early to start fostering this curiosity and learning, which is why they offer structured education as part of their varied curriculum.

Children as young as three can enjoy a comprehensive approach to learning, including improving language and literacy, math, science, physical skills, and social skills. The school's approach allows students to learn through a wide array of methods, including play, movement, art, music, drawing, writing, listening, and storytelling.

All this nourishing, growth, and fostering of curiosity and learning takes place in a beautiful, fully-renovated colonial home in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Rooms on all three floors are utilized for the many activities the children can engage in, like a main room used for science projects and group demonstrations, a music room, a kitchen and lunchroom, and even a separate room for napping and free play.

Children enrolled in Germantown Day School are also introduced to basic technological education and are provided with an Amazon Kindle which is maintained by the school.

Germantown Day School is certified by the City of Philadelphia and by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. They offer a secure learning facility, complete with cameras, as well as GPS bracelets for the children's' safety while on campus.

Families interested in enrolling their children in Germantown Day School can call 215-345-0329 or visit for more information.

About Germantown Day School
Germantown Day School is a learning-centered day school which prioritizes planned and active learning experiences to build children's school readiness and prepares them for their lifelong educational journey, all according to their motto of "Incipit In Via," or "The Journey Begins." The Philadelphia-area school teaches a curriculum based around math, science, reading, and the arts, and takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to stimulate curiosity and learning for its students. Germantown Day School is certified by the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. For more information, visit