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Germantown Day School Prepares Students for a Lifetime of Success with Their Four Key Learning Skills


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2018 -- Serving the educational needs of children ages three to five in the Philadelphia, PA area, Germantown Day School provides their students with a rich and scholarly environment in which they can begin their lifelong journey of learning. As part of this education, the organization offers students an introduction to the four key concepts of reading, math, science, and the arts.

As part of the curriculum at Germantown Day School, students are provided with opportunities and experiences from which they can learn, as opposed to merely being occupied with meaningless activities. This includes instruction in the school's fundamentals of education.

Students are encouraged to establish and improve their reading skills, not simply because it can increase their linguistic ability, but because it can assist in developing enhanced cognitive ability and speech. And while it can strengthen vocabulary, it also can instill a lifelong love of reading, which can be beneficial throughout their entire lives.

Acquainting their students with the basic concepts of math is another facet of the comprehensive education featured at Germantown Day School. In addition to learning numbers and counting, teaching children math at an early age also introduces them to pattern recognition and creation, and sorting and classifying objects.

Germantown Day School understands that science is more than a subject -- it's a way of thinking and analyzing. They include science in their educational curriculum to encourage children to explore, observe, and discover their surroundings. This allows them to question and engage with their environment and the world around them.

Providing cultural activities and lessons for students is critical for a well-rounded learning experience. Germantown Day School features education in the arts to help children develop their emotions and appreciate the perspective of others. It can also supplement their learning of colors, shapes, and textures.

Germantown Day School features dedicated instructors, well-equipped facilities, and comprehensive curriculum to give students a head start on their educational journey. For information on how to enroll for their fall semester, call 215-645-0329 or visit

About Germantown Day School
Germantown Day School is a learning-centered day school which prioritizes planned and active learning experiences to build children's school readiness and prepares them for their lifelong educational journey, all according to their motto of "Incipit In Via," or "The Journey Begins." The Philadelphia-area school teaches a curriculum based around math, science, reading, and the arts, and takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to stimulate curiosity and learning for its students. Germantown Day School is certified by the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. For more information, visit