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Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Birth injury is extremely stressful for new parents, especially when they believe they’ve been wronged by a medical professional. Recently, Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC delivered justice for a family that had experienced medical malpractice during childbirth. The plaintiff believed their medical professional had applied excessive traction during childbirth. With the help of Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC, the jury found itself in favor of the plaintiff and the family was awarded $1.3 million.

When abnormalities or difficulties are experienced during childbirth, it is classified as dystocia. This particular case was a “shoulder dystocia” case, meaning that the delivery became complicated during the delivery of the infant’s shoulders. It was believed that the doctor pulled the baby’s head hard, as the father indicated that his hands shook and the vein on the doctor’s forehead popped out. Then the father noticed the doctor had turned the baby’s head to the left and right resulting in severe nerve damage to the baby’s neck and shoulder, which thus resulted in Erb’s Palsy.

At Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC, they know that it can be difficult to battle hospitals and doctors with seemingly limitless legal resources. The defendant claimed that the doctor was using normal traction, and that the baby’s injuries to the brachial plexus nerves, or shoulder nerves, were caused by the mother’s contractions and pushing efforts. When a medical professional devises a defense of this level, individuals need trained professionals that are as knowledgeable and diligent as both doctors and lawyers.

Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC delivers just that. Their Cerebral Palsy lawyers are also doctors with experience in the healthcare industry. This convenient spread of knowledge is perfect for defending parents coping with a birth injury and finding them compensation if they have in fact been mistreated by a medical professional. Caring for a special needs child is a huge expense and their Cerebral Palsy law doctors know that.

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