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Get a Colonoscopy in Beverly Hills from Top Rated GI Doctor

Dr. Peyton Berookim, a double-board certified gastroenterologist practicing in Beverly Hill who performs colonoscopies, has received high rankings from his patients. He can be reached at 310-271-1122.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- It is recommended that anyone over the age of 50 or older, or those experiencing symptoms such as blood in the stool, rectal bleeding or a change in bowl habits should get a colonoscopy. For those unfamiliar with the test, a colonoscopy is the medical exam performed by doctors to determine whether abnormal tissue, ulcers, polyps or adenomas inside the colon that may become, or are already, cancerous. Colonoscopies are performed by gastroenterologists like Dr. Peyton Berookim, a double-board certified GI doctor whose practice is based in Beverly Hills.

For many, the thought of undergoing a colonoscopy is so scary that they avoid getting one altogether, even though it can be potentially lifesaving. Some are concerned about being put under general anesthesia, while others may put it off entirely out  of fear of the procedure itself, or that results it will yield. That is why having a caring doctor who specializes in performing colonoscopies—like Beverly-Hills based Dr. Berookim—can make all the difference.

Dr. Berookim’s practice emphasizes patient safety and making sure the quality of health care he provides is superior. To that end, Dr. Berookim works  with his patients to ensure their needs are being met and that they are comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Berookim’s goal wants to provide his patients with the best possible experience and the most accurate results. That is why he offers the latest in colon cancer screening technology, like the highly advanced third eye colonoscopy.

For more information, contact Dr. Berookim at the Beverly Hills Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California by calling him at 310-271-1122 or e-mailing him at


Contact: 310-271-1122
150 N Robertson Blvd, Suite 204
Beverly Hills, CA 90211