Get Around the House with Pride Scooters and Power Scooters


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- An electric wheelchair is a fine way to get around your home, neighborhood and even your town. Modern wheelchairs provide power, stability and give a person who is typically not mobile a sense of freedom to move about. But, wheelchairs may not be right for everyone. For those who are still able to move about on their own for short distances and have more control of the core of their body, a Pride Scooter is an excellent, fun alternative to traveling and moving throughout the day.

You can tell the difference between a Pride power scooter and a wheelchair just by the way they look. Most power scooters have three or four wheels with a steering handle at the front that makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces in homes, stores and busy public places. Because the scooter sits up high, it provides the user with a better view of the world and easier access and reach to items the user may need to interact with throughout the day. But the three main reasons Pride scooters are a popular choice for freedom and mobility are reliability, ease of use, and versatility.

In order to have the confidence to move about, you need to know that the machine you are riding is reliable. Pride scooters use state-of-the-art electronic motors. These motors use small amounts of power, meaning that you can go longer and travel further on each charge. The electric engines in Pride scooters are also built to last, and will provide years of mobility if taken care of properly.

In addition to reliability, Pride power scooters are easy to use. With a comfortable chair that leaves the user upright, you have easy access to the world around you. The steering mechanism is ergonomically designed to offer a number of grips for maximum comfort and the scooter can maneuver the toughest corners in the home. The base of the scooter is wide and solid, providing good stability when mounting and dismounting the vehicle.

Perhaps more important than reliability and ease of use, the Pride scooter is versatile. Not only is it a perfect option for getting around your home, it’s a perfect vehicle for any occasion and outing, and is especially helpful during the daily routine. Because the travel scooter is easily disassembled, it can fit into small trunks and hatchbacks, transferred to a new location and be ready to ride in no time. It has power and speed for nearly any environment, and its size allows it to fit where many wheelchairs will not.

Pride power scooters have a reputation of providing freedom and mobility to many people who experience mobility impairments for a variety of reasons. Their robust drivetrain, unique style and optimum performance and function are the main reasons that has been recommending Pride scooters to people nationwide. Because being mobile should be more than just another obstacle to overcome for the day, it should be something fun and exciting. Visit for more information.

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