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Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- As of spring 2012 Ron Hubbard had been running a successful small business for a number of years. “I often had this vision, a day dream if you will, of me skydiving with my team of employees.” reminiscing he continues “We’d be falling gracefully over this wonderful landscape of all these future possibilities! It was up to me where we’d decide to go once we landed. But clearly I had a grand vision of the future at that time.” Sadly that vision was crushed by small business identity theft.

Don’t Fall Asleep on the Job!

Mr. Hubbard suffered a rude awakening to his daydream. Imagine having a whole landscape of future possibilities to look forward to; business partners, investments and portfolios, all ruined because of the careless actions of an employee. ID thieves are constantly working on new ways to get a hold of sensitive information as well as those of clients and business associates.

- Employee Miscues - Employees sometimes make human errors that thieves take advantage of. This can be from misplacing items in public places, to emails intercepted, or information saved on flash drives and then lost or stolen. Sometimes employees can be tricked by schemes like phishing, and social engineering tactics that reveal sensitive information inadvertently.
- Corrupt Employees – Ron trusted his employees, and didn’t keep a vigil watch over his team. A minority percentage of employees feel inclined to use sensitive data for their own use. This information can be willingly sold to thieves. Rival companies can insert spies into an organization which is known as white collar crime.
- Outside Attacks - Nearly 75% of all data breaches result from outside the organization. This is often done by hacking, and viruses like malware account for 38% of damages sustained. With this encryption deciphering software they can learn company passwords, keep track of online activity, and then extend their cyber crime to business associates. Nearly all monetary assets can be accessed online these days by anyone over the internet.

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Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Ron learned the hard way, and now prepares himself by knowing his companies weak points, and he constantly asks himself if he’s done enough. Has he set up enough security passwords and stopgaps to cross in order to reach his information? Has he done a thorough background check on all of his employees? Does he change his passwords regularly? Constantly adapting to new threats is now his best business identity theft protection tactic.

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