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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2020 -- ATTACHE TRADING FZE was founded in the year 2014 to leverage the knowledge and experience of Central Asian markets to develop trade connections between Central Asian and global markets. The firm was established in one of the world's largest free zones – Jebel Ali Free Zone - to be part of a business community with over 7000 companies. Including 100 of the Global Fortune 500 and ensure the most favorable conditions to partners, including storage, smooth logistics, and on-time delivery of goods to the final destination. For the past five years, the firm has created multiple business lines and focused primarily on the Turkmenistan market.

"We are the best urea supplier in the world. We supply urea as well as other minerals to the global market," commented the company spokesperson. "At ATTACHE TRADING FZE, we export our mineral products to many countries. We boast of our five years of experience in the industry; hence we ensure our clients that we will deliver top-notch products at very competitive prices. Potential clients should trust us to get the best quality products from Turkmenistan."

Iodine is the least reactive member of the halogens, which include chlorine, fluoride, and bromine. Iodine is a gray to purplish-black crystalline element that occurs rarely in nature in the elemental state but is produced from naturally occurring iodine compounds. It melts at 113 ° C, boils at 185 ° C, and sublimes readily. Iodine forms compound with all the elements except sulfur, selenium, and the inert gases; dissolves in water, salt solutions, and certain organic solvents. ATTACHE TRADING FZE is the ideal choice for clients looking for crude iodine, offering high-quality Turkmenistan Iodine.

"ATTACHE TRADING FZE is a name to be reckoned with among companies that export petroleum products from Turkmenistan. We have a team for handling the loading, pre-shipment inspection of Turkmen petroleum products like polyethylene, polypropylene, and bitumen," said the company spokesperson. "Since our inception in the year 2014, we have gained a reputation as a leading supplier of petroleum products from Turkmenistan. We offer comprehensive logistical solutions for product testing and selection, export customs clearance, and export logistics via rail, vessels, and trucks. Therefore, clients can rely on us to navigate the complexities of exporting petroleum products from Turkmenbashi refinery to any other part of the world.

Potential clients can buy bischofite mineral, which is widely used in the national economy, construction, and medicine. It is used in the production of artificial stones in petroleum production- for the preparation of cement and hardening mixtures in the chemical industry – for the production of magnesium compounds of high purity. In the housing and public utilities, the mineral is used as an anti-icing agent to fight ambrosia. Bischofite mineral is also widely used to prevent freezing and freezing of bulk cargo in winter due to its anti-icing properties.

ATTACHE TRADING FZE is one of the leading Chemical products and mineral suppliers in Turkmenistan. Having over five years of experience and knowledge, they stand tall to be the most trusted and reliable suppliers and exporters of chemical-related products and minerals in Turkmenistan.