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Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2019 -- Although the definition of a large QuickBooks file is vague, you can assume that hitting the 150MB mark on a file could potentially raise red flags. "When you cross this threshold, QuickBooks becomes painfully slow with a possible database corruption," QuickBooks Repair Pro's Technical Services Manager John Rocha, said.

With a limit on list items such as classes, customers and jobs, these can differ based on the QuickBooks version and subject to change from year to year. "Because it's hard to keep track of these wavering changes, it's probably simpler to remember that if your total number of items is below 10,000, you're safe with QuickBooks Pro and Premier, whilethe same number is 100,000 for Enterprise," Rocha said. Hitting F2 in QuickBooks will give you a count of all your items, Rocha added.

Experts also recommend optimizing QuickBooks files larger than 500MB every 6 to 12 months to ensure they run at optimal performance. The optimize operation will copy all data into a new data file, remove unwanted temporary data, and audit trail data to bring down file size by 25 to 40%. This will improve the performance and stability of the data file.

Optimizing your QuickBooks data file – in addition – will also prevent future data corruption and down time and make future upgrades easier

QuickBooks'Clean-Up company data file feature replaces previous years' transactions while also allowing you to create a brand new company file without any transactions while keeping all your lists intact.

Another method to optimize a file is by creating a brand new company file. This would be considered a more aggressive approach as it requires you to recreate all opening balances and all item list.

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