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They have had many sleepless nights. "How will they be viewed in court?" "Will they go to jail?" "What's the judge going to say to them if they are convicted?"... These are all normal thoughts for someone facing a conviction of DUI. They may experience many more sleepless nights unless they find the right type of help. Drunk driving is a serious offense and can have lasting effects throughout someone’s life. Hiring a drunk driving defense attorney is extremely important if someone desires a chance of being fairly and professionally represented in the court of law. However a search for help should always consider several things.


Pittsfield. MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- - First of all, one should know what the law says about drunk driving. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks is drunk driving. It only matters what the law in that particular state says is drunk driving.
- What might be the punishment if convicted of drunk driving? Know the consequences and how that might affect life after the trial.
- How can an attorney help?

Know the Law

Take a look at the laws towards driving under the influence. They are stricter than ever. It's based on the physical amount of alcohol detected in one’s blood, urine, and as well as their breath.

- 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
- 107mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine
- 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath

Officers and the Law

These days an officer doesn't need much provocation to ask for a breathalyzer test if they suspect someone may have been drinking and driving. Some people are given screenings on the side of the road that were just tired, and perfectly sober, but their general appearance fit the description of "possibly intoxicated". Officers are trained to detect alcohol, so be smart about drinking and driving and just don’t do it.

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An Attorney will help

An attorney can help find any discrepancies in how an officer conducted your arrest, from the time you were pulled over, through the field sobriety tests, to being booked at the station. Any mistake made by a police officer can be contested and possibly lead to an acquittal or a more lenient sentencing. But don't bank on this. Many will end up losing their licenses for a long time, have points deducted from their record, and be levied heavy fines. Still, hiring a drunk driving attorney is the first and most important step towards proper representation.

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