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St. Petersburg, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Beauty is skin deep, or so they say. It is the interpretation of each individual in their own way, coupled with confidence, character and style. How one carries themselves is a major deciding factor as a person can put on a great outfit and still look ordinary. However, it never hurts to pump up the glam factor and more and more people are looking up to the trends of celebrities to follow in their gorgeous footsteps.

The face beholds the most attention from other people and is an asset that each person, especially women take great care of. A touch of make up in enhancing a woman's own features can do wonders for her self confidence and the way she carries herself. While most women are perfectly comfortable in their skin and bodies, a little apprehension is drawn when they see some girl more elegant or slimmer or smarter than them. Complexes grasp females very easily and they succumb to pressures to look their best no matter what cost the looks come at.

For the same reason, many women who have ordinary eyes may end up buying colored contact lenses to give their looks a more stunning appearance. Some women go for nose jobs or face lifts but these do not come without side effects and cost thousands of dollars for each surgery. These days women are experimenting with hair and not just the crowning glory on their heads, but also the gorgeous eyelashes extensions available in salons are causing an utter rampage on the fashion ramps.

Eyelash extensions come in full and 2D,3D,4D volume depending on the face structure, the thickness of the lashes, what would suit the face, the requirement of the customer etc. Eyelash extensions take a lot of practice and skills. There are many different types of extensions: 2D,3D,4D volume, available which can be found at the X Lashes VIP site. Eyelash extensions can be decorated single colored, two toned or more depending on the needs of the client. The different kinds of curls added to the lashes define the look and creates diverse set of appearances for each woman. The lashes extensions can last from 3 weeks to 2 months in one go.

The site also boasts of Eyelash Extensions Training program which can be delivered to anywhere in the world. The tutorials are given by the mistress of eyelash extensions expertise, Miss Nadezda Afanaseva who has been a former winner for eyelash extensions competitions in Russia as well as other international contests.

About Nadezda Afanaseva
Nadezda Afanaseva is a master lashmaker, trainer, founder and manager of the school of eyelash extensions called Nadezda Afanaseva Xlashes. She is also the gold medal winner of Russian and international eyelash extension contests. As of the year 2008, Nadezda has performed more than 4,000 eyelash extensions and trained more than 1,000 highly qualified masters through her own program.

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