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Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- World Landforms is an enlightening and edifying portal dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of nature and its varied landforms and as a part of this endeavor, it familiarizes readers with the world of Composite Volcanoes by covering truths and facts associated with them.

Composite volcanoes are largely located in chains along the Pacific Rim and have earned the name ‘rim of fire’ while owing to their layered structure, developed by the accumulation of magma, lava ash, etc., and after every eruption, these volcanoes are also popular as strato-volcanoes. As far as shape and appearance is concerned, a composite volcano is conical and tall and assumes different shapes, the most common ones being pyramidal, convex-concave, composite volcanoes with multiple summits, helmet-shaped and others.

Another impressive piece of information that World Landforms presents about these volcanoes is their sporadic and violent patterns of eruptions. Explaining this phenomena the website mentions, “It is true that composite volcanoes erupt and this is attributed to the viscous magma. When the magma comes to the earth’s crust, it results in a clogging of the crater pipe thus causing the gas in the pipe to be locked up. This will cause pressure to mount up and eventually violent eruptions occur. In some instances, the lava solidifies within fissures forming dykes. The dykes act as ribs, giving strength to the volcano.”

In addition to describing different types of volcanoes, the database available at World Landforms also provides important factual details about several other landforms such as mountains, lakes, archipelagos, canyons, deserts, bays, cliffs and many more. The website also serves as a platform for promoting green living concepts and educating people about the products and ways of life that encourages sustainable development.

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