Get Farm Fresh Produce at the New Year-Round Farmers Market in the City of Lake Worth

A Beautiful and Colorful Display of Gourmet Foods for Delicious and Healthy Meals


Lake Worth, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2017 -- Lake Worth Green Market is pleased to announce their New Year-Round Farmers Market in the City of Lake Worth. The Green Market offers customers a huge and diverse spread of fresh produce right from the farms. From fresh local to seasonal organic vegetables to fruits and herbs, there is everything that a kitchen wants. And for those who want to give their homes a vibrant and fresh look, there are beautiful flowers available too. The other gourmet foods include jams, dips, fresh pasta, pickles, honey, sauces and many more.

And for meat lovers, there are ample options to choose from. The farmers offer a fresh catch of fish every day. And the variety is just extraordinary and taste exemplary. The grass-fed beef available here is a culinary delight. It is the healthiest meat to feast on. The cows graze in the greenest pastures all year round with no processed diet at all. Rich in all the essential nutrients, this beef is a perfect way to host a dinner. The chicken, eggs and all the poultry comes from a permaculture farm that specializes in humanely raised chicken and pasture raised poultry. The poultry supply store also offers everything that is needed to raise chickens or different poultry breeds be it for a beginner or a serious breeder.

Today, where there is more processed food in the freezer than natural food, these types of markets are an excellent motivation to include fresh produce in the daily diet. And when it is organic food, it is the best diet that one can have along with a healthy lifestyle. The best thing about going organic is that the produce is free of chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones in animals. Health experts encourage individuals to find local farmers and their farms where they can get the best produce. Going local will always have its own benefits. It is a wholesome way and promotes good health of the entire family.

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Lake Worth Green Market, based at Lake Worth, Florida is a place that offers fresh produce direct from farms to customers. The produce includes freshly grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, flower, meat, fish, chicken, eggs and other gourmet foods.

Lake Worth Green Market
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