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Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Setting up a new business enterprise takes a lot of time with respect to planning and research. The primary focus of a businessman will be on administrative, accounting, and tax areas of the business. Unlike other companies, Finansu sprendimai has experience in initiating startup companies and has insight into the requirements of its customers. It helps customers in setting up or establishing a new business within two days.

It helps in entity selection, be it a small business, association, community, individual enterprise, etc. Finansu sprendimai also helps in buying an already established company from their list of sold companies. It helps in preparation of documents required during the start up of a business. The company is a complete financial advisor as it answers to financial queries posed by companies. It helps companies with the preparation of financial plans, which is a prerequisite when requesting for a loan.

The accounting services in Lithuania offered by the company includes accounting of primary documents to finalize financial statements, fixed asset accounting, return preparation and submission of STI, preparation of financial statements, report completion and submission to the department of statistics, payroll, and consulting firms regarding financial and tax issues. Finansu sprendimai is a member of Lithuania Accountants’ and Auditors Association. The company also provides guidance on the purchase and configuration of computer accounting systems. These accounting programs can be obtained from the company at reasonable prices. Many companies have adopted their accounting services in Lithuania.

Finansu sprendimai acts as a guide to any startup company in establishing accounting practices and systemizing their bookkeeping. Good account and record keeping system allows the company to analyze the financial position of its actions.

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Finansu sprendimai is a licensee of the company Fin. Advisor. It offers solutions on setting up or establishing a company. It provides all financial advice required to take the business forward. It helps in preparation of documents and business plans for companies. The company also offers various accounting services.

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