Get Fine Aerial Footage of Some of the Leading Destinations Across World at MrFootage

MrFootage, the leading online clip provider is offering fine aerial shots of some of the leading destinations across the world.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- MrFootage, the specialist in online raw footage provider has stocked some of the quality aerial clips particularly of nature and many popular countries of the world. These clips could be very well used by travel show makers and other documentary film makers.

“We have over thousands of videos stocked in our media library which will save a lot of your time in shooting the same aerial shots; thus eliminating its de-duplication. Our expert lens men have shot some of the brilliant helicopter shots across cities, landscapes, ocean and clouds. We have included the clips of some of the cities of prime importance such as Athens, Berlin, Sydney and London etc.,” said one of the company executives.

The clips which are included in this genre range from prominent locations to some of the pristine natural enthralling aerial views. The famous beaches of Miami, windiest city of the world - Chicago, the famous Berlin Olympic stadium, New York's night life, the prominent London Eye at Thames are some of the popular clips available at the site. The aerial clips related to natural environment includes jungle, African wildlife, The Grand Canyon and Swiss Alps can also be found on this online footage store.

“We have stocked up fresh footage of different genres ranging from shots of people's daily lives to lifestyle of celebrities, from nature including wildlife and marine to events of historical importance. The footage which we have are mostly fresh but we do have some of the rare archival footage of leading celebrities and some of the most popular events unfolding the pages of history,” added the executive.

The footage available at the website are licensed against a nominal fee. For the sake of customer's convenience, the online footage store has also an advanced searching tool by which it is able to get the required stuff instantly. The streamlined procedure makes the customers find the required footage in less time.

About MrFootage
The creative intellect of three geniuses has made the online raw footage provider, MrFootage very popular in the UK. With the ever-increasing demands by the media industry, it is able to deliver some of the finest raw footage to its clients which are captured by award winning cameramen. To know more about the online footage provider, go to the website.