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Child support is a complex issue. Even the most level headed parent has trouble managing the angles of the custody process. The presence of children in the dispersing effects of the marriage will bring in added passions and obstacles. Because the issue is so taxing and complicated, it is important to find good child custody legal help for guidance into the pivotal stages of the court process.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2013 -- Legal Yogi would like to offer some advice getting child custody proceedings off of the ground:

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Child Custody Disputes

Many parents are faced with fears of losing their children during the process of divorce. That is why there are oftentimes additional disputes over child custody. If the couple cannot make their own agreement, the matter could turn into its own legal issue. Matters can be resolved if the right steps are taken. Consultants are available to offer either side of litigation free legal help for child support battles over the phone at legal yogi.

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Child Support Claims

In addition to being complicated, child custody battles are often tense, leading to child support claims. These claims come from the fierce passion of parenting. They are both determined and willful in origin. The sentiment behind these claims comes from the love of the child as much as a loss of the bond with the other party.

Oftentimes unmarried people with children will need to determine the child support picture when they separate. It may be difficult to get the absent party to pay for child support. Unlike a divorce, parties do not have to divide their own assets. There is nothing already in place, maintaining a family structure. Representatives at Legal Yogi are available to offer guidance to married and unmarried couples through determination of their child support responsibilities.

Changes to Agreements

Oftentimes, the living situations of the involved parties change, and changes have to be made to the agreement. If the conditions or needs of the child change, along with circumstances of the parent in possession, it is crucial to find additional free legal help for child custody. Good, conscientious, thorough legal counsel can reorient and improve the child support picture. It can repair loose ends of the initial court proceedings. Legal Yogi can offer free consultation on the right decisions to make around amendments to child custody arrangements, as well as ways to get around repeated heavy spots in the legal process.

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