Get Healthy, Supple Lips with High Heal Lip Balm Says LipBar Cosmetics

Use High Heal Lip Balm to keep those lips healthy and looking young Says LipBar Cosmetics


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- When it comes to skin care, many women take their lips for granted and ignore the need for lip moisturizer until problems such as chapping occur. Once problems occur it can be a struggle to get healthy lips and that is why cosmetic experts LipBar, recommend using High Heal Lip Balm to keep the lips healthy. By using High Heal Lip Balm, which is formulated with microlized collagen to promote healing of dry, crack lip and lip lines, throughout the day, lips can stay healthy.

Unlike the rest of the skin, lips do not secrete sebum, which is the natural way the body balances moisture on the skin’s surface. The only time a person’s lips become moist is when they lick them and this only provides temporary relief. If lips are not treated then over time the lips will become unhealthy where due to lack of moisture, lines will appear around the mouth which is a sign of premature aging. Lip health problems could be prevented if women used High Heal Lip Balm (, according to cosmetic experts LipBar.

A spokeswoman from LipBar, the online cosmetic company who provide a whole range of cosmetics to help women look and feel great said: “Keeping lips moist is very important to avoid premature aging, and by using High Heal Lip Balm, it will allow the lips to stay moist and stay healthy allowing for younger looking lips.”

LipBar says it is important for women to understand how important it is to keep the lips in tip top shape and that is why the cosmetic experts have released tips to keep those lips looking healthy.

-Avoid licking your lips too much: this actually dries them out more, causing them to chap and crack.
-Try gentle exfoliation once a week to help shed some of the built up dead skin on your lips.
-Keep lips moisturized throughout the day with generous use of moisturizing Heal Lip Balm

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