Get Help to Paying off Debt Fast in This New Year

A general rule of thumb when it comes to paying off debt is to have the money handy to do so. This is usually where the problem is, so here are some ways to garner additional cash for debt repayment.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Pick up a Weekend Job

No one says it has to be on the weekend; the point is to pick up a 15-20-hour-a-week position doing something fun. If one is a pet person, do some dog-walking for the neighborhood folks who are unable to do it themselves. Charge per dog, not per hour, and make sure to clean up after them. Some people prefer working with humans, so apply for a job in the service industry. Waiting on customers in a restaurant is a great, fun way to earn money. Whatever job one chooses to take, put its entire paycheck toward paying off debt.

Ask a Friend or Relative for a Loan

If one knows a nice person who is in the financial position to give one a loan, simply ask for them to do so. Many people feel that it’s hard to request help from family and/or friends, but if one cannot ask those people, who can one ask? Of course, one could borrow against an IRA at work, or from the cash-valued life insurance policy one has, too. However the money comes to one, use it to help with paying off debt quickly.

Hold a Yard Sale

Everyone has some items that have been down in the basement for years or up in the attic gathering dust. Bring them out of storage, clean them up, and have a yard sale. Be considerate of potential customers and leave a lot of space between tables for them to walk around. Place large items in their own area and hang used clothing on a clothesline or fold them neatly and stack them up. Just remember, the more user-friendly the area, the more people will come to it. Paying off debt will be easy to accomplish with the proceeds of the yard sale.

Make a Larger Monthly Payment

Each debt comes with a desired monthly payment. Paying off debt quickly will happen when one makes a larger-than-minimum-due payment. If a minimum payment is $50 a month, send in $55 or $60. Ten to twenty percent more each month will chip away at the principal of the debt, eradicating it fast.

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