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Avenel, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Thunder-link recently announced that its main work would be focus on Transmission network as Transmission network is the key to successful transmission of information across the internet. Many service providers are currently using WDM technology to transmit their data which has slow moments especially when many users are transmitting data at the same time. Base on this point, Thunder-link will Strengthen cooperation with Huawei and release more high-tech equipments into transmission market.

Nowadays, reliability and efficiency on backbone network is becoming more and more in demand such that cluster routers have had to enhance the performance and switching capacity of backbone routers, so the CEO of said they would supply more such points based network equipments.

These backbone routers have optical transport, large capacities and long distance transmission capabilities which can provide abundant bandwidth to transport huge amounts of traffic over thousands of kilometers. But transporting is huge amount if data requires a system that can carry same efficiently.

From Thunder-link previous experience shared with this time that companies and service providers began searching for a way to increase their capacity to transmit large amounts of data. In 2009 companies began to demonstrate their 100G network transport and routing devices, which is expected to be able to carry large amounts of data. Based on this, the manager of thunder-link, Stevenberg said this time is opportunity for thunder-link.

Not just opportunity this time for Thunder-link, it also faces Challenge. There are other systems that have transmission networks such as 10G, 40G and 100G which are expected to coexist for a long time to come. But what of the immense traffic this new technology will cause? Well thunder link has formulated a solution.

According to thunder link to solve this problem networks will need a T/bit OTN cross connection which will help to bypass the traffic on IP layers. In addition, an intelligent plane is also needed such as ASON/GMPLS which can help implement end to end service provisioning through the large capacity cross connections and at the same time enhance the reliability of backbone networks.

Based on the software marketed and distributed by thunder-link this system can avoid and manage multipoint failures of transmission links with ease, whilst synergizing the IP and OPN transport networks, as it lowers transmission costs and enhances efficiency.

Compared to WDM, OTN has the advantage of mesh networking and by adding direct routes to edge nodes, this will increase traffic load especially with an IP offload solution, communication traffic can be transferred to the optical layer which reduces the pressure on core routers and at the same time strengthen the transmission and efficiency in the backbone networks. All of these products can be obtained at thunder link.

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