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Get in Shape for Summer - Medical Weight Loss in Kansas City and Overland Park Kansas by Pierce Medical


Overland Park, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- Pierce Medical is alternative health care and medical weight loss Kansas City. The clinic offers a variety of non-surgical weight loss options for people who are looking for medically assisted weight loss provided by highly trained and experienced doctors. Non-surgical weight loss procedures and methods have witnessed an increase in popularity due to the fact that people feel at ease by having doctors administer the weight management programs.

The doctors at Pierce Medical conduct an initial medical and lifestyle consultation session before prescribing a non-surgical weight loss method for their patients. The doctors at the clinic believe that this initial consultation plays an important part that helps the doctors collect information about the patient lifestyle and medical history and current state, this information is then used to select an appropriate weight loss method that will be sustainable for the patient and will be most effective for their particular case. The doctors assure "With our years of experience, caring and knowledgeable staff and superior support, we strive to make your time at Pierce Clinic a life changing one. Our proven Kansas city medical weight loss system has shown thousands of men and women how to lose weight fast and successfully reach their ideal weight, without surgery."

The medical weight loss Kansas City programs overseen by the doctors at Pierce Medical used a combination of dietary changes, exercise plans, medical supplements and most importantly sustainable behavioral changes because psychology and behaviors play a part in what people chose to eat. After the patient has been giving one of the suitable weight loss programs, they are asked to come back to the medical weight loss clinic Kansas City, for weekly appointments for weigh ins, motivation and counseling to help them stay on the program and achieve their weight loss goals. During the sessions patients are able to learn more about their bodies, overall wellness and what bad lifestyle choices lead to their weight gain. Patients can also help their families lead a healthy and fit lifestyle from what they learn from Pierce Medical's medical weight loss programs Kansas City.

About Pierce Medical
Pierce Medical has been providing alternative health care, medically supervised programs and esthetic services in Kansas City for over 30 years. They use the highest quality of products and implement exceptional patient care. For more information please visit:

Pierce Medical Clinic
7010 W 107th St
Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 214-1154