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Derbyshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Jojo’s Amazing Adventure is a great way for a reader to revel in inspirational short stories that manage to leave a mark and inspire the readers, leaving them in awe. The series of short stories are interesting to read and very addictive. It will be difficult for the readers to put it down once they begin reading. This is simply because of its honest nature that enables the readers to easily connect with the stories and most importantly with Jojo himself.

The stories are based on myths encompassing the Chinese, Hindu and Muslim culture. These myths essentially lend a touch of the olden times making it a joy to read. It familiarises the readers with the olden days and the myths that guided the lives of people that lived in those times. Besides, Jojo’s Amazing Adventure also tries to combine these myths with a more contemporary approach by lending it a much needed modern touch and inventions that are more close to home.

The thing that sets Jojo’s Amazing Adventure apart is the fact that Jojo, who also happens to be a protagonist, has two different shades that leave the readers in a conflicted state of mind. At one point, the protagonist is portrayed in a positive light while at other times; he is shown as the villain. This conflict between positive and negative leaves the decision making to the readers.

In one of the stories, Jojo is confronted by the Police and he has two choices; he can either run away or face the music and let the police take control. Jojo raises his hands above his head and walks up to the police. This is the story for the readers and the conflicting ideas help generate interest levels that keep the readers hooked. What exactly caused the situation and why Jojo did this are described in the book, which you can buy on

About Jojo’s Amazing Adventure
With Jojo being the protagonist and the entire range of short stories revolving around his life, Jojo’s Amazing adventure is a rollercoaster ride and promises its readers entertainment along with moral and ethical values. This book has been inspired from various cultures and is sure to carve a place in the hearts of its readers.

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