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Get Lit Shoes Introduces Exciting LED Shoes


Mira Loma, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2016 -- You'd initially think that the idea behind light up shoes is gimmicky at best and that it won't enough of a best seller to sustain a company, but that's where you'd be wrong. LED shoes have grown and developed into its own niche, catering to a demographic of young men and women who find the light up footwear to be more than just a quaint distraction and more of a persistent fashion trend of sorts. Light up sneakers continue to be all the rage in 2016 and beyond because they represent a culture that continues to grow and evolve. It's availed of in particular by multiple youth generations that are dancers and music lovers who express themselves through artistic means like dancing, music making, and (of course) fashion.

The people who avail of these LED shoes are the ravers, dancers, techno musicians, fans of EDM and dubstep, and so forth. They represent the computerization and virtualization of modern fashion, music, and dance because the youth of today are much more interconnected through technologies like the Internet, smartphones, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and so forth. Sports fans also love these LED shoes the same way sports car customizers love putting in LED lights all over their ride. It's the voice and representation of the new generation. Generation X has made way for Generation Y or the Millennial Generation, and chances are LED light displays on shoes will continue on to Generation Z because of their timeless charm and connection to clubbing and partying.

About GetLit Shoes
GetLit Shoes (also known as, @getlitshoes) is a company that was able to stridently differentiate itself from other shoemakers by becoming a social shoe brand of the New Millennium and the New Tens. It offers a unique brand of shoes to customers worldwide that focuses on the party, club, and discothèque scene that's been around since the Eighties and has evolved from old disco and clubbing culture into mainstream acceptance in the form of the pop-culture-relevant Dubstep and the emerging EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genres. The youth particularly love the LED styles and glow-in-the-dark look of the Getlit (rescent) Shoe models available that you can check out in the company's shopping site.

The different styles available include:

Mars (Black High Tops)
Neptune (Black and Gold High Tops)
Jupiter (White and Gold High Tops)
Mercury (Red High Tops)
Saturn (White High Tops)
Dark Moon (Black Low Tops)
Full Moon (White Low Tops)

Aside from the celestially thematic shoes of getlit Shoes, the company also offers worldwide shipping to every country on the globe, with most of them depending on the ever-reliable DHL Express for safe and ensured shipment of goods every time. What's more, getlit Shoes aren't your grandparents' or parents' LED shoes that break down after a few months of usage. Instead, you're assured of light-up action every time with these sneakers and rubber shoes with a USB rechargeable port inside that you can hook up to any computer or USB charger. In fact, it even works with the charger of your smartphone (whether it's an Apple iOS iPhone, an Android smartphone from Samsung and the like, or a Blackberry).

Company Name: Get Lit Shoes
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Address: 10888 SAN SEVAINE WAY, UNIT G