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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- is a website which helps clients around the US connect with Spa and Hot Tub Installation Professionals in their area. Home or business owners who are considering installing a pool, spa or a hot tub are fully aware of the tediousness of the process of finding a Spa and Hot Tub Installation Professional who is trustworthy, skilled and offers the right price for a job. The right professional is not only able to do the job correctly but is also able to offer tips about the best course of action for a pool, spa or hot tub installation or repair. The service offered by Wellness Supply has been specifically designed to help clients find the best spa and hot tub installation, replacement and repair nearest to where they are located.

Their service matches clients to experts according to their area through a three step process which is quick and operative in helping clients get connected with trusted spa and hot tub installation, replacement and repair professionals in any area in US including Las Vegas and San Diego

The three step process involves:

Tell us: This first phase asks the clients using the website to fill an online form, describing the project category that best matches their pool spa or hot tub needs and the nature of the job such as spa, hot tub or pool installation, replacement or repair. The client sending the request will have to answer a few questions to brief the Wellness Supply team member about the details of the job and the hints about right pro for that job. After this the team member will contact the repair or installation Company or professional in the client’s area to ensure the best price.

Get Matched: Up to 4 experts are chosen locally and the client is informed, these recommended pros provide the specific services needed and are available for the job right away.

Get Connected: As soon as the request of the client is processed, the company will send their information to the recommended pros, after which the clients will be contacted directly by the pros to further discuss the project. Clients will then be able to contact their preferred pro when it is convenient for them.

Connecting clients with professionals is the same areas including Sacramento, Phoenix and all other states in the US allows clients to save money and ensures that the professional is situated nearby and will be available for a job without difficulty. A great piece of technology matches professionals with clients.

About Wellness Supply
Wetness Supply is an Internet company which brings an extensive list of pool, spa and hot tub repair and improvement companies.

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