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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- - With 2014 already upon job seekers and companies there is currently a hiring spree underway, but are job seekers ready? Get My Mom a Job is preparing job seekers of all walks of life for their new job and/or career in 2014.

2013, was a difficult year for many people looking to find employment. It was not for a lack of jobs; in fact many Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and beyond companies were in desperate need and continue to be in need for workers on all levels. So why are so many people seeking work, that are not being employed? Michele Unangst the CEO of Get My Mom a Job puts a frank explanation to it: "There are over 40 million households in the US that are trying to get new employment or gain employment. However, there are many jobs that need to be filled immediately. Where is the disconnect? Simple, it is how 90% of all job seekers present themselves."

Currently, there are hundreds of people who submit a resume for each opening. Competition? Not really, in fact the number of applicants for jobs has remained flat over the last 5 years. Meaning, there is not a new glut of applicants for a single job or position. So competition is not the problem when applying for a job. It is the presentation of skills, accomplishments, and experience. Michele Unangst adds "People's resumes are fundamentally flawed when they submit them to companies. They present resumes with way too much information, not enough information, or a one size fits all sort of resume. That model simply does not work."

2014 is the year of the resume and marketing. "Resumes are the most important marketing piece that a job seeker has. Most people believe they will close the deal when they get to the interview phase, however, only 6% of all applicants do. The time to close on ones ROI (Return on Investment) to a potential employer, is in the resume stage" Michele Unangst continues. "Employers are looking for immediate impact. Employers understand that they are in an employment market; quality candidates and amazing accomplishments, so they have the pick of the litter. Job seekers have to be different and unique."

Employers, like consumers, pick their preference. Coke vs. Pepsi, Dominos vs. Pizza Hut, McDonalds vs. Burger King, and Walmart vs. Target. Job seekers need to understand it comes down to how they properly market themselves, their skills, and their accomplishments. Job seeking and the methods have changed. Tips for 2014:

- Create a Resume that is accomplishment driven, not biographical. Show an employer what one can do and how one can do it for them.

- In lieu of making a resume "One Size Fits All" make it unique before sending it to an employer.

- Stop using form cover letters get seen and get noticed with a Video Cover Letter!

- Use Social Media to one’s advantage. Network and Network. Sources are Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

People’s ability to be hired is largely dependent on their ability to market. “You need to market yourself.” That starts with ones resume, cover letter, and social media. "Most job seekers live in the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Break that cycle with the tips from above" states Michele Unangst.

2014 requires people to make the changes necessary for job seeking success. The system at Get My Mom a Job prepares those who are seeking different employment or new employment on every level. The system of marketing from the Resume, Cover Letter, Resume Blog, Endorsements, Social Job Connection, and the Job Connection Package will get job seekers hired in 2014. Putting more people to work, one resume at a time.

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