Get My Mom a Job Study: Telecommute Job, Save & Earn an Extra $11,000 a Year


San Tan Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- In a recent study conducted by Get My Mom a Job, the leading telecommute job site, revealed a staggering cost of employment for families. The study revealed mothers that choose to work outside the home spend on average of $13,865.00 a year in real and incidental costs.

In addition to the figure above was the job dissatisfaction. According to the October 28th edition of Investor Business Daily, its polling sample suggestion that 49.85 million people in America today are in the process of leaving, wanting to leave, or actively pursuing different employment opportunities!

"The employment model has changed. The employee and their wants and needs in their jobs have changed as well," noted Michele Unangst Founder & CEO of Get My Mom a Job. "This statistic is proof of the power of telecommute and work from home job models. It is isn't a want anymore, as much as it is a need."

Many companies such as Apple, Mozilla, Amazon, Aetna, GE, and Humana are amongst thousands of others that are utilizing this telecommute job model as the new way of employment. "Consider the cost savings for the employer," adds Michele Unangst "Savings in facilities, management, insurance, productivity, training, and equipment costs." "The telecommute model is saving companies millions of dollars a year in direct and indirect methods. Plus it is building amazing brand loyalty."

In the April & May editions of Inc. Magazine, in conjunction with the University of Texas, the cost savings for an employee to telecommute is massive. The breakdown for a family with children:

- $650.00 a month in child care costs.
- $300.00 a month in fuel and auto expense.
- $100.00 in miscellaneous spending on lunches and impulse buys.
- $110.00 in clothing for work in a professional office, spread out monthly through the year.
- PLUS 2+ hours in lost productivity.

When you add all of these items together over the course of a year, that is $14,000.00+ in just those verifiable costs, however there is more. "This is what makes employees less loyal, even through the toughest of job markets. Even though most employees don't do the math like this, they understand they are losing money, money they need," states Michele Unangst.

There are many options that employees should look at when considering a new position. There are many options a company should consider when hiring. Companies and employees are now recognizing the benefit of the telecommute position, and more companies will be adopting it in the near future. Telecommute jobs are here, it isn't the new model, it is now the employment model.

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