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Get My Mom a Job Survey: The Mistakes That Women Make on Their Resumes


San Tan Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- A recent survey conducted by Get My Mom a Job on Twitter shows the reason why women struggle in getting the job they want and the jobs they need.

A recent survey conducted by Get My Mom a Job, the leading Telecommute Job and Job Resource site on the internet today, revealed a stunning percentage of women are failing when it comes to the preparation and presentation of their resume.

A survey in the 7 top areas of a resume, as a search conducted on Google and Twitter participation, shows over 80% of the respondents failed 3 of the 7 key areas of the resume, resume writing, and overall resume presentation.

According to a November 15th edition of the Wall Street Journal, 57.6% of all women eligible to work in the United States are currently looking for employment or a job. Whether they are currently employed or re-entering the job market. However, the study from Get My Mom a Job has shown that women are simply not ready to compete in the employment marketplace on paper. The jobs and positions are available, however, most do not make it past the submission stage due to major and glaring resume issues. Issues that can quickly, easily, and effectively be fixed with the proper guidance.

"Your resume is the most powerful marketing tool you have as a job seeker," states Michele Unangst CEO of Get My Mom a Job. "Resumes are not a Biographical history. They are marketing tools of your accomplishments. They need to be written and treated as such."

For example, most people on their resumes spend the majority of their time recreating their current job description and past work history. However, employers want to see the accomplishments at your jobs. Those accomplishments are what is going to have a direct and immediate impact on them and their company. Making you the "Desire Hire."

A staggering 90%+ of resumes are written as biographies, not accomplishment driven. Hence, it is up to the perspective employer to see the value in the candidate. In addition, a whopping 95% of all resumes seen by Get My Mom a Job contain no evidence of social media anywhere on the resume.

"Social Media is the breeding ground of opportunity. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow for perspective employees to showcase their skills and talents that cannot be done on a resume. Employers are using social media to make their hiring decisions, perspective employees need to get onboard and utilize these tools to their advantage" states Michele Unangst.

With that Get My Mom a Job has now launched Free for all women, seeking work or new employment an eBook, the "7 Mistakes Women Make on their Resume." It is available today and for immediate download. "With the percentages above, the economic climate the way it is, and the real need for work, women need help, they need resources. I personally put this book together for women, so they can get the job they want and the job they need in faster more efficient time frames. It is a solution, for all areas. I wanted to make it free so people could take immediate action" Michele Unangst states. "It is time we help those that are working hard to get ahead and get employed!"

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