Get My Mom a Job - the Launch of a Youtube Channel Dedicated to Job Seekers


San Tan Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- - Get My Mom a Job.  In response to the overwhelming customer demand, and market need, Get My Mom a Job has launched the first in its highly anticipated series of "How To" videos in conjunction with YouTube, and the response has been overwhelming.

Get MY Mom a Job & Get My Dad a Job in conjunction with Founder and CEO Michele Unangst announced the launch of their YouTube Channel.  Designed to empower job seekers all over the United States, through Get My Mom and Get My Dad a Job.  However in addition to the massive telecommute database, both sites were determined to provide more tools, solutions, concepts, tips, and How To's for job seekers.

The job market is a brutal place in America today.  People are competing for jobs in industries they never thought they would five to ten years ago.  However the landscape for job seekers has changed, however the method in which jobs are obtained has not.  Job seekers are still using traditional methods and tools, that simply do not work anymore.

Michele Unangst, of Get My Mom a Job, has a mission:  "Empower Women and Men alike in providing elite and high paying jobs and a jobs database, plus the skills necessary in which to obtain the job."  People need tools.  From assistance in Resumes, Cover Letters, using Social Media to prospect and obtain employment, how to dress, how to talk, and everything in between.  The job market has changed, the landscape has changed, and Get My Mom a Job is changing for the betterment of the job seeker.

In their first series of "How To" videos, it starts with the Power of a Video Cover Letter.  Taking a job seeker step by step through the process in creating an impactful and forceful video cover letter, that will 100% make them stand out from any job applicant.  Fact, when you have 1000 people applying for one job, what will separate you?  A video cover letter.

Video cover letters allow you to show style, personality, charisma, and passion.  You can almost interview yourself for an employer, without the stress involved.  A video cover letter will allow you to show a side and sell yourself in a way that your resume cannot and will not.  In part it will make you stand head and shoulders above applicants that may be "more qualified" than you.  You will be able to present your skill set in a way, NO OTHER job seeker could.  That is the power of the video cover letter.

Calling all job seekers.  The solution is in place for you.  Whether you are seeking technical jobs, customer service jobs, sales jobs, retail jobs, IT jobs, education jobs, legal jobs, marketing jobs, accounting jobs, financial jobs, or anything and everything in the employment marketplace, video cover letters could be the solution for you.  Go now to and see this first video in a series of powerful video's from Get My Mom a Job.  The Video Cover Letter.

About Get My Mom a Job and Get My Dad a Job
Get My Mom a Job and Get My Dad a Job are companies dedicated to the telecommute professional, providing a job database that consist of 99% of telecommute positions.  If interested in learning about all the job opportunities available, interested folks may visit or To contact Get My Mom a Job, please email info@getmymomajob.