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Get My Mom a Job is now the premiere unmatched resource for REAL JOBS. Real jobs of a telecommute nature. Get My Mom a Job has established itself as a "safe port" to where the listings you see are real, vetted, and all MUST be Salary or Hourly compensation positions. Get My Mom a Job sole focus is to save the potential employee 100's of hours and money in costly mistakes, resume errors, and "ghost" jobs found on other websites. Get My Mom a Job has put together the most extensive, and ever increasing database of jobs in America today.


Gilbert, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- From Gilbert Arizona, announcing the official Public Launch of Get My Mom a Job. Over one year in the making and research, Get My Mom a Job has finally been made available to the public. Both individuals and businesses are welcome to utilize all of the tools of Get My Mom a Job. Get My Mom a Job was conceived out of an industry necessity. Get My Mom a Job does the one thing that no other on the internet does for a consumer, it addresses the two fundamental needs: Give People What They Want & Give People What They Need! Get My Mom a Job does just that.

Many companies unlike Get My Mom a Job address an area of concern. However the concern of today, yesterday, and frankly tomorrow is that of Jobs. Jobs with flexibility, advancement, opportunity, hourly pay, salary pay, and stability is what people want and what people need. People want to have an opportunity to apply their skills sets to a job, not in the hopes that the job will be there, not chasing a "ghost" on Craigslist, but a job that feels tailored to them, their family, their skill, and their financial need. What Get My Mom a Job determined is "one size fits all" is no longer the way people want to be employed. Also from a business perspective, in hiring a long term employee, the one size fits all candidate no longer fits either.

Get My Mom a Job has created the new niche in employment. Both from the Employer and the Employee perspective. Get My Mom a Job recognized that the new way to do business was to allow people to telecommute. Virtual positions are common in the tech world, but have become increasingly more common in all companies. The problem for the employer and employee is no one was able to connect, until now! Get My Mom a Job has brought to both parties the following;

1. All JOBS are home based positions, having a base pay. Meaning all jobs are Salary or Hourly, NO Commission only work.

2. All JOBS will allow you to telecommute, this will provide flexibility. Meaning jobs will have full-time and part-time positions, and other flex schedules.

3. There is NO PAY to work schemes allowed. NO MLM, Network Marketing, Business Opportunities or any of that junk will ever make its' way onto Get My Mom a Job.

4. Get My Mom a Job has employers from Customer Service, Financial, Technical, Medical, Education, and Sales. There is work from home positions for all experience levels.

About Get My Mom a Job
Get My Mom a Job has carved a niche for employees. Whether in working with Companies like Apple, Xerox, or Nestle it has 100's of companies and their positions right at your fingertips! The time to take action in your career is right now. The time for you to make an assessment and start a new career, a second career, is right now. Get My Mom a Job has everything for everyone. Whether you have 10+ years experienced or you are getting back into the workforce, Get My Mom a Job has a position for you. Jobs are being added to our database on a monthly basis. 100's of employers with various telecommute positions. Claim your job at Get My Mom a Job today!

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