Get Nativ Seeks $30,000 in Crowdfunding for the Get Nativ Ancient Mayan Organic Superfood Bar

These are nutrition bars that are made from organic ingredients that were treasured by the ancient Mayan civilization.


Chula Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Get Nativ is very excited to announce their first product; the Maya Superfood Bar. This breakthrough in on-the-go nutrition is the result of many months of research into the ancient Mayan diet while experimenting with dozens of recipes and various ingredients to get a perfect balance of amazing rich flavor, consistency and high nutritional value.

Food was an extremely important aspect to ancient Mayan life and was often incorporated into their creation myths and used as ceremonial offerings. Many of their foods were highly prized and considered sacred for having many beneficial and medicinal qualities which is how they earned the recognition of being superfoods. When the Spaniards conquered Central America, they recognized the importance of food to the Maya people. In an effort to suppress their cultural traditions and beliefs, many of their superfoods were outlawed and as a result much of this knowledge was lost for centuries. Thankfully, many of their foods are being rediscovered and are gaining worldwide recognition for their amazing nutritional benefits. The Get Nativ team considers their first bar pays homage to the ancient knowledge and life of the Mayans.

Their Maya bar is packed full of healthy essential nutrients from nine fascinating ingredients that the ancient Maya used in their foods all the time. Among them are raw cacao nibs as well as many amazing ingredients that still remain somewhat obscure to Western diets including maya nut, popped amaranth and pepitas. The other ingredients that go in every bar each have their own fascinating history and are loaded with health benefits. Everyone is encouraged to explore the dynamics of each ingredient by visiting their crowdfunding campaign.

Funds raised through this crowdfunding project will be used to roll out mass production of their new superfood bar for wide market distribution. Backers of this crowdfunding project can enjoy the bars in quantity and even have the opportunity to take a one week trip for an adventure in the Mayan Riviera.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 24, 2014.

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About GetNativ
Get Nativ was founded out of a fascination with human history and mysteries that surround our ancient past. They believe that one of the keys to understanding our past and creating a better future is by re-establishing a connection with our natural surroundings and “getting native”. Their focus is on the discoveries made through the ages about the nutritional and healing qualities of plants. They are a small start-up company designing nutritional products around this very concept. By incorporating ethically sourced ingredients used in traditional native diets we are able to create organic snacks that promote health and wellbeing as well as supporting a balance with our ecosystem.