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Get out of Your Father's House: New Christian Book Teaches Readers How to Break Detrimental Behaviours for Good

Written by Hector Ortiz Jr. ‘Get Out Of Your Father’s House: Separating from the Negative Generational Habits of the Past’ is an inspiring and practical guide to closing the door on bad behavior and truly experiencing the fullness and greatness of God.


Ozone Park, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- In the Old Testament, Book of Genesis chapter 12, there’s a fascinating story where God tells Abram to "Get Out of Your Fathers House". This phrase is not only the title of a new book by Hector Ortiz Jr., but it is also the very heart of his message. Ortiz’s aim is to help Christians to break with the behaviors and patterns of thought that have been un-knowingly passed down through bloodlines.

‘Get Out Of Your Father’s House’ asks readers if they have ever wondered why they are repeating the mistakes of their parents, or if they feel, that even though they are making progress in life, yet there seems to be some sort of invisible barrier, blocking them from reaching their full potential. He asks whole-hearted, devoted Christians if they wonder why they have surrendered to God, but yet still fall victim to the same sin on a daily basis. It is Ortiz’s contention that negative habits are perpetuated through bloodlines, from generation to generation, and that just like Abram, human beings must ‘get out of their father’s houses’ if they are to finally shatter the cycle.

“Many Christians believe that once they receive salvation, that every promise of God in his Word is a so-called ‘done deal’,” says the author. “That belief is simply wrong. God has many blessings lined up for us, but they are by no means automatically given. The gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10 states “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly”, It did not say “will have life”. In other words the abundant life that Jesus came to give us is not automatic. We must learn to appropriate what God has already done for us. As believers and Joint Heirs with Christ Jesus, we must learn to legally enforce our rights as sons and daughters of the Most High God.” Ortiz teaches readers how to obtain the blessings that God has “already” provided for his children.

Inviting readers to make a conscious decision to permanently leave behind their old thoughts and old behavior patterns, Ortiz takes them on an odyssey of self-discovery and ultimately, brings his readers closer to God.

Have you ever wondered, "Why am I making the same mistakes my parents made"? Or "Why is it that I love God, go to church, yet I seem to struggle with the same issues that my entire family struggles with?" Or maybe you have noticed that although your heart has surrendered fully to Jesus, there is still a struggle with your thought life. If any of these questions resonates within you, then "Get Out of Your Fathers' House" is a must read for you! Discover what is the "Fathers' House" and what you must do to leave it behind, so that you can enjoy all the blessings that God has laid up for you!

As the author knows, it is not enough to simply love God or to follow his Word.

“Many Christians are living beneath their God-given privilege,” says Ortiz. “Many Christians who authentically love God, go to Church and try their best to live spirit-filled lives are still hindered by attitudes that don’t line up with the Word of God. They struggle to break free, but they can’t.”

Continuing: “My book gives believers practical insight on how to break free from old baggage – for good. There are invisible barriers that prevent the children of God from moving forward in life. In my book, you’ll discover what those invisible barriers are and how to get victory over them.”

‘Get Out Of Your Father’s House: Separating from the Negative Generational Habits of the Past’ is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats: http://amzn.to/OBx3cd

About the Author: Hector Ortiz Jr
Hector Ortiz Jr is a Teacher and Preacher of the word of God, who currently serves the body of Christ in the capacity of Youth Pastor for the inner city ministry “Christ Loves You” in Brooklyn NY. In addition to leading youth in having a deeper relationship with God, Hector Ortiz Jr has also had the privilege to evangelize the gospel with various missionary groups through-out the United States and Latin America. A Zealous student of the bible himself, one of his life-long passions is to equip the Body of Christ with the un-compromising truths of the Word of God. Hector Ortiz Jr’s secular achievements include obtaining two Master’s Degree from the City University of New York and educating inner-city youth, in the public school system for over a decade. Hector Ortiz Jr is a proud husband and father of three wonderful children.