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Get Paid for Advertising, Watching Online Content with New Mobile Device App Concept, Blyzz


Osterreich, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Get paid for advertising with Blyzz, the new app that allows people to watch advertising on their mobile device and get paid to do so. The mobile device app is the product of Peter Aldrian, an entrepreneur with creative ideas.

“The idea of Blyzz first came into my mind years ago,” said Aldrian who believes that people are tired of watching ads that they are not interested in. Blyzz revolutionizes that by sharing advertisements people are interested in and pays them for watching those ads. According to the website, Blyzz is the new way for companies to show off their products, services or websites.

The way Blyzz works is a user signs up for a free account through the app. The user then logs into the site and watches a mobile device ad that the app chooses. For every advertisement that the user watches, Blyzz puts money into their account. Users can then withdraw the money at any time. In addition, the app keeps track of how much a user has earned.

Users can also earn money by recommending Blyzz to friends who install and use the app. Another perk to Blyzz is that it offers users new and exclusive deals on the latest products and services.

Additionally, users can earn extra bonuses and prizes by being a top viewer.

Blyzz is compatible with all mobile devices. All a user needs is an Internet connection.

Advertisers will love Blyzz too because it markets their advertising to the right viewers. In addition, advertisers only pay for reached users.

Aldrian said that he and his team believe that Blyzz has great potential because it is such a simple concept.

“Advertisers will have more effective campaigns because viewers are getting rewarded for watching their advertisements,” said Aldrian.

In order to bring Blyzz to the masses, Aldrian started an indiegogo.com fundraising campaign. He looks to raise 9,999 Euros (approximately $14,000) by June 9, 2014.

All money raised will go toward the development of the app.

Aldrian said that people can currently register for Blyzz, which is scheduled to be released soon.

About Blyzz
Blyzz is a new mobile device app concept that allows users to get paid for watching selected advertisements. For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/blyzz-watch-ads-earn-money/x/6477998#home