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Shajing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2019 -- HLH Prototypes is a premier China Injection mold manufacturer with a state of the art injection press that ensures production runs are maintained to top quality industrial standards. The company was founded in 2008 by one Mr. Vader Yu the current CEO, James Murphy, and Jason Ke, primarily to help people make parts and production. HLH Prototypes provides unmatched prototyping service with the utilization of several techniques and machines such as; CNC Machining or millings, 3D printing, vacuum casting, sheet metal, Metal, Plastic Injection Molding Services.

Explaining about precision CNC machining, one of the company's service on offer, Jack Cheng, the tooling and injection molding manager stated: "Computer numerical control milling or simply put CNC machining is an automated and computer-aided technique that is used in guiding the shaping of product design. You take a preferred material and cut it with a series of computer-aided tools to shape a product faster. CNC Machining requires low manual labor; therefore, the engineering is of high precision. Our machines are high tech and ensure that we deliver quality fast."

HLH Prototypes tolerances for CNC machining are internally controlled to DIN-2678-1 standard for metal or medium plastic. Customers who require Custom CNC machining for their production can talk to our rapid manufacturing team, and the company will be happy to help. HLH Prototypes has over 50 CNC machines and typically completes projects within a lead time of about two weeks for prototypes and four weeks for production runs. Any fast emergency production runs can be arranged with the production team.

"Traditional methods of making a mold design take few months before even productions begin; therefore manufacturing will take longer. Most of the customers that come to us want faster mold services," the tooling and injection molding manager. "HLH Prototypes we have made efforts to meet these demands by producing our mold for injection molding by CNC milling. With over 50 CNC machining at our facilities, we have been able to reduce the lead time for injection mold manufacturing to a considerable minimum of about three weeks."

HLH Prototypes offers their injection Molding Services worldwide with over 3000 clients spread across more than 50 countries. HLH Prototypes has an expansive 12000 sq. /m facility that enables the company to meet huge order demands from clients worldwide within detailed time guidelines. The company has a well-trained customer support team to offer flexibility to clients visiting their website to place orders are attended to, and their industrial design is well clarified and understood before production begins.

About HLH Prototypes
HLH prototype is an ISO certified company established in 2008 and a market leader in low volume manufacturing of parts and rapid prototyping. The enterprise has established a presence in China and Hong Kong entirely dedicated to providing businesses with parts through CNC Machining or milling, China 3D printing service (SLA and SLS), vacuum casting and die casting, sheet metal, Metal, and Plastic Injection Molding Services.