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Get Preventive Maintenance for the Engine via an All-Inclusive Ancillary Services at Green Auto Lube


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Get preventive maintenance for the engine via an all-inclusive ancillary services at Green Auto Lube when it opens. Their future preventive maintenance facility in Spokane will offer a examination of the engine and its components. They will replace and install all the vital components, replenish important fluids, and make sure that the vehicle is in top condition before it leaves their facility.

Timely and regular preventive maintenance is important for vehicles, but running around the city to get the vehicle in shape can be a tiresome job. Now, Green Auto Lube cuts this tiresome process short by providing all the preventive maintenance, installation and fluid replacement and vehicle fleet services for all types of cars, trucks and vans under one roof in Spokane.

Green Auto Lube will make sure quick and reliable ancillary services is rendered by their certified technicians who are expert in handling maintenance and installation work for vehicles of all make and models. Their ancillary services offer everything from air filter replacement, air-conditioning recharge, and anti-freeze replacement, to replacing the fuel filter and most everything a vehicle's engine might need to get back in top condition.

Their preventive maintenance experts will double check all the components and their functioning to insure the quality of service. Their preventive maintenance facility is efficient enough to serve a whole fleet of vehicles at once, while providing top quality services to each and every vehicle in the fleet. Their fleet services can be customized for all accounts, providing the owner with convenience and great savings.

About will be a customer-oriented, preventive-maintenance facility dedicated to providing immediate, honest and dependable service with attention to using American-made bio-based lubricants, reducing the dependency on foreign oils with accurately trained and certified technicians. Green Auto Lube's main goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and great prices on their re-refined lubrication product line and standard oil changes. They provide complete peace of mind to clients while leaving their facility with their double check procedure providing complete quality assurance.

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