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Wallington, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2017 -- CMR Insurance Services, a leading credit insurance provider, is offering credit insurance solutions to protect businesses against commercial and political risks. The services they provide are led by a team of experts who have gained thorough knowledge over the course of many years. These skilled professionals ensure that they exceed client expectations by taking care of even the most negligible requirements. They outline a plan in a way that works best in lowering the risk of destabilising a client's business. By employing advanced tools and methodology, they keep their promise of rendering the best credit insurance plans for their clients' businesses.

CMR Insurance Services are reliable and never leave their clients with questions. Apart from providing online and telephone -based services, a designated account manager can pay regular personal visits to address any client query. In addition, they undertake claims negotiation and handle it on the customer's behalf, review it, and if necessary, request for credit limit decisions. They also provide daily notifications of credit limit amendments or new conditions that may be required to maintain an existing credit limit.

Talking more about their company, one of their representatives stated, "Nobody likes bad debts, so the first step we take is to try and stop things from ever getting that far. Once an outstanding invoice remains unpaid for 45 days or more, clients contact us with the news that this represents a potential bad debt that could result in an insurance claim. All decisions and actions relating to debt collection are taken in consultation with our clients and this may result in debt recovery action being taken by CMR."

About CMR Insurance Services
CMR Insurance Services is a credit insurance specialist offering tailored solutions and extensive support to start-up and major enterprises across Britain. They provide a safeguard for businesses to prevent risks and ensure that the business remains profitable even during financial uncertainties. CMR is a team of dedicated and professional individuals who strive to give a high-standard service when it comes to credit risk management.

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