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Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- It is very annoying to get unwanted calls from different companies. People try out different techniques to get rid of these calls but somehow fail to stop them. People who are tired of these harassing calls should try out the services of Do not call guard. This service provides protection against all the unnecessary calls and keeps the harassment away. It is very important to have a service that keeps the privacy of a person protected and at the same time keeps him free from all these unwanted calls. One can easily add both landline as well as cellular numbers to this service and start adding the numbers of the companies that bother them.

This is a very simple process that is cost effective and one does not need to go into many technicalities to start using this service. Both the robo dialers as well as telemarketers can be stopped through this service. This is a simple yet effective technique that not only promises but also delivers. It follows the law and does not break and rules. Getting such a service at lesser rates is always beneficial and people with low budget can also use this service. There are huge numbers of people out there who have been disturbed by these calls and are looking for some effective solution. Adding any number to the do not call list is free. It’s just that one will need to pay $1.95 for getting it reported. If anyone is confused about how do you get on the do not call list then they can even contact the people in the company and get it cleared.

The service is fast and smoothly conducts its work without affecting the network. They aim at providing peace of mind to the customers and it will surely help them in focussing on their work easily. If the problem still continues then people can get the caller punished by complaining against them. If people have complained against the company but they still continue calling for around 45 days after this complain then they need to pay fine for this. The do not call service has been working effectively and has delivered good results. Everyone who has got the do not call registration done has been satisfied with the services and refer them to their friends and relatives. Most of the people tend to avoid these harassing calls and have not taken any action against them. This is the main reason for the increase in the amount of intrusive calls. But by taking the services of Do not call and complaining about this intrusion will surely prove to be good and stop the problems.


About Do Not Call Guard
Do Not Call Guard is a service that aims at providing protection to people who are tired of unnecessary calls. The company aims at reducing the intrusive calls from different companies in a legal way. This service is unique in its own way works fine.

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