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Shajing, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2018 -- HLH Prototypes is a leading contract manufacturing and prototype company in China. Established in 2001, the company offers rapid manufacturing, prototyping and product development services at budget-friendly rates. The company has professional engineers and modern equipment and infrastructure to provide quality products and services to their clients.

Speaking about injection molding, Nissan He, the sales manager said, "HLH Prototypes conducts plastic injection molding in four stages including cooling, clamping, ejection, and injection. Clamping is the first process that includes shutting down securely the hydraulic power-driven clamping unit that conjointly pushes the two mold halves. Raw plastic is injected into the machine and melts when it enters the mold cavity. Cooling is initiated and speeded up by other cooling solutions before the final ejection of a solid mold. Plastic molding is quick and has limitless side actions, offering stress-free modifications. Because of this it is reasonably priced and is quite reliable."

Precision CNC milling services at HLH Prototypes produce highly accurate parts on time. The engineering team evaluates each project to determine the best design strategy for manufacture. High precision machining services are available for prototypes and one-offs up to full product range in all grades of metals and production plastics. The QC department has Oxford instruments PMI master pro to accurately grade metals and ensure that clients receive materials as specified. Customers can also get prototyping services which include rapid tooling, prototype tooling and bridge tooling, which are low to mid volume injection molding tools. The rapid protoTool service delivers actual parts from real tools using accurate production materials in a short time. Aluminum and softer steels are used for rapid tools service. ProtoTools are a good option for low volume but high-value parts.

Speaking about injection molding, Susie Su, the sales executive said, "HLH Prototypes has invested heavily in prototype injection molding infrastructure, offering a variety of prototyping systems. We are dedicated to transforming our customer's concepts and ideas into reality. You provide the prototypes, and we produce for you the best rapid prototyping to fit your project needs using 2D, 3D scanning, and 3D CAD modeling."

Vacuum cast parts are a solution for one-offs in silicone or rubber parts. HLH Prototypes works with vacuum casting technology to produce quality cast urethane parts which perform like production parts in rapid times. Vacuum casting parts self-color while the urethane casting process is assisted by a vacuum that ensures conformity of the highest degree. Engineers optimize each step to minimize gas porosity. Cast parts come in different surface finishes and transparencies. HLH Prototypes casts parts in various Polyurethane resins using domestic or imported silicone.

About HLH Prototypes
HLH Prototypes is a prototype manufacturing company that offers clients with prototyping solutions. Based in Shenzhen, China, HLH Prototypes specializes in rapid tooling, rapid prototyping, injection molding, vacuum casting and rapid prototyping. The company offers its services and budget-friendly rates.

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