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Get Ready for Graduation Day with Regalo Manila


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- The graduation gifts are finally out in the Regalo Manila website. If they have only suggested some gift items before, now they have a list of graduation packages that they have proudly released to the public. Among their released packages are some pizza and food packages which are perfect for those after-grad parties. Then they also have a list of gift packages that are perfect for male and female graduates.

Regalo Manila had decided to include some graduation gifts in their roster to encourage parents who live in another country to send graduation gifts to the Philippines. Graduation day after all will always be an important day for Filipino parents. For them, there is nothing more special than seeing their beloved son or daughter graduate from college or high school. This is because graduation day is more than just a day that marks the end of a person’s chapter in his life. It is also the beginning of another chapter that is yet to come.

Regalo Manila wants to play an important role in their client’s lives by providing some gifts in their list. Already listed are some food packages and some graduation packages that are geared towards females. However, they have also come up with packages that are geared towards males. They have just not posted them yet. Some of these is a flower and necktie set and a flower and wallet or belt set that is made especially for male graduates.

Regalo Manila thinks that this is the perfect time to release some graduation gifts as Graduation day is only a few days away. While the date of graduation may vary depending on school, the estimated date is most likely at the end of March to April. The latest it can go is early May. This is the reason why the company is already making some early preparations just in time for graduation day.

But more than the act of sending graduation gifts to the Philippines, Regalo Manila wants to celebrate this very special moment that happens in most of their client’s lives. After all, graduation day is usually a one-time event for most people. Sure, they graduate from elementary and high school. But they only graduate once for each chapter they enter. Regalo Manila knows how important it is to celebrate each chapter as it is something that cannot be repeated in the times to come.

In connection with this, Regalo Manila is also planning to launch a campaign that links to this topic in their newsletter. They are also planning to improve their newsletter by making it more informative instead of simply informing their customers of the latest happenings in their company. They are hoping that this move will eventually get them closer to their customers so that they can actively participate in the major events in their lives.