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Hangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- A man’s suit is not just a fashion statement but it also expresses the professional attitude of the wearer. According to some, suits must be considered as an investment item. Hence suits play an important role in the life of executives, artists and even students. Custom made suits can ensure comfort as well as style. Tailored Suit is an online men’s garment manufacturer with an expertise in making tailored suits. Unlike other websites with the offerings of custom clothing, tailored-suit.com does not believe in making ‘perfect fit’ promises as this online tailor guarantees to build each garments with expert tailors.

New customers are provided with a Test Suit in order to ensure the quality of products from Tailored Suit. Clients can pass on the required suit measurements to tailored-suit.com and the company will deliver a free test suit. After trying it out, customers can notify further required changes for the suit to the service provider and can receive the final suit, perfectly cut. This process is carried out to ensure a perfect fitting suit to the user. Tailored Suit online tailor guarantees that no compromise will be made on the quality and style of the products. A high quality fabric at affordable rates is the service motto of Tailored Suit.

The website says, “Although for us a test suit is nothing but a verification tool; in reality this is a suit that is perfectly normal so you can wear it without any problems. It is up to you to choose a fabric for your test suit.”

Tailored Suit offers tailored suits, tailored jackets, tailored shirts, tailored coats and tailored trousers for men. Service seekers can place orders for customized suits by following certain simple steps provided on the website tailored-suit.com. Customers are also required to organize and create profiles with a set of measures. This profile will help clients while placing orders. An unconditional 365 days return policy can be considered as an added advantage of Tailored Suit services. The fabrication process will be started only after the receipt of final confirmation from the part of customers.

Different types of fabrics are featured at the tailored-suit.com website. Potential consumers can select the required fabric from the listed collections. Apart from that, certain options like fabrics, linings, lapels, jacket style, sleeves, back pockets, pleats, inside pockets, side pockets and many others are provided for customizing facility.

To obtain more information about Tailored Suit, visit http://www.tailored-suit.com.

About Tailored Suit
Tailored Suit was established in the year 2001 as a garment manufacturing company specializing in tailored men’s clothing. The French store of Tailored Suit, www.surmesurepascher.com has been serving customers from 2007 onwards. This online tailor offers good quality custom made suits and trousers to customers online at affordable rates.

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