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Get Real Get Sexy to Launch an All New Program to Help Moms Look Attractive Again


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- There are a lot of moms who face the challenge of staying fit. Post motherhood, it might be a little hard to get in shape and the stress of not looking good enough can sometimes be too much to bear. Apart from this, handling the right balance and coping with stress, time issues, personal growth and confidence barriers might be a little hard too.

This is why Get Real Get Sexy is all set to come up with this amazing program which could help moms look amazing again. The program is all set to launch in 2015 and it will offer a kick ass workout regime which will address the major challenges which a lot of moms face in today's time. This program has been designed to help women feel better about their bodies and give them enough confidence to clinch their life goals. It aims at improving the confidence of moms and will build long term healthy habits in their regime. The goal is to help mom deal with troubles like too much stress, issues of self acceptance and by eliminating these issues; moms can achieve the right personal growth.

This new coaching program has been designed to be carried out over a span of 12 weeks. Every workout which is a part of this regime is effective and short as it would last 20 minutes on an average. To ensure that moms can benefit to the fullest with this plan, it is important to supplement more details with it and hence, one can also access meal plans, recipes and a wide variety of other resources too.

The owner of Get Real Get Sexy was quoted as saying, "I am a mom of 3 (soon to be 4) kids, and have my degree in Health & Exercise Science, and am a Women's Fitness Specialist. This helps me understand the needs of a mom in a much better manner and this is why I came up with this new plan. It is more than just another weight loss plan. It is the busy mom's one stop to get back on top!"

No doubt, this program is sure to help a lot of moms feels better about their body image and help them get lot more confident.

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