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Hurley, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- Spending a significant number of dollars on mail merges or postcards has become a norm in the real estate world. However, in most cases, realtors or real estate investors do not get the desired outcome. Adding a little personal touch can be just what that initial contact needs to truly make a positive first impression. Founded in 2006, Yellow Letters Complete provides a brilliant service to help businesses grow around the world. Being one of the largest hand-addressed envelope companies worldwide, it delivers outstanding handwritten marketing services to meet the needs of the real estate market.

Based in Hurley, Wisconsin, Yellow Letters Complete augments businesses by ensuring more response than traditional marketing. The company offers a range of products at economical rates for worldwide clientele.

Hand-written letters in hand-addressed envelopes carry a certain weight to them. When they are sent by the dedicated professionals to targeted mailing lists, a huge response is generated from those who otherwise ignore the letters delivered in typed envelopes or as emails. The company employs an intelligent, dedicated team of 60 professionals who deliver over 1 million hand-addressed envelopes annually. It is not surprising then, that their services are highly regarded and preferred by some of the best known real estate trainers such as: Ron LeGrand, Than Merrill, Jamel Gibbs, Jim Ingersoll and many more.

In a world in which so much communication occurs over the phone, through the internet, and without personal human connection, a handwritten letter occupies a special method of interaction. "Over the last 10 years we have noticed a significant uptick in interest from professionals of a wide variety of backgrounds," explained company owner Zach Braunel. "Simply put, people enjoy seeing that authentic, handwritten letter. It speaks to them in ways that an email or phone call simply cannot, and that genuine human thoughtfulness is precisely what we aim to achieve."

About Yellow Letters Complete
Yellow Letters Complete was founded in 2006 and has grown into one of the largest hand-addressed envelope companies in the world. They help grow businesses with direct mail marketing by mailing letters in hand addressed envelopes to targeted mailing lists. Yellow Letters Complete employs a team of over 60 individuals and mails out over one million hand addressed envelopes yearly. They offer yellow letters, letterhead letters, letters with a hand-signed wet-ink signature, postcards and targeted mailing lists in an easy to use, turnkey system. By using invitation style envelopes hand addressed by real people, Yellow Letters Complete is able to generate more responses from a targeted mailing list than traditional direct mail marketing methods.