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Get Retail Discounts Launches to Provide Latest Deals and Reductions


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- It is common knowledge that most websites provide a “discount code or voucher” box that goes largely ignored by the majority making purchases. However, it is not difficult to find valid discount codes online if one knows where to look, which has just gotten easier with the launch of Get Retail Discounts, a voucher and retail discount coupons collation site that offers one of the best updated databases of valid coupons across a wide variety of stores and categories.

The site lists discounts found on a variety of sites major distributers use to promote their vouchers and offers, bringing them together in a single easy to find resource that provides shoppers with an easy guide to what savings they can make.

The listings take the form of a descriptive long form title, a button to activate the coupon, information on where the coupon came from, when it was added and what category it belongs with, making searches easier.

The categories include differentiating between those that propose to save a fixed dollar amount on a purchase and those offering percentage discounts on purchases, and what field of consumer goods are being discounted, from electronic equipment, house wares, services, software, department stores and more.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We’ve created a site that has taken a lot of design cues from popular social media outlets like Twitter and Tumblr, using a clean interface with minimal confusion to collate all our information onto a single page. That page can be searched using tags we append to each discount posted, so that it’s easy to filter results by category, or by specific word using a browser’s internal ‘find’ function. This simplicity allows us to update our database immediately with any discounts we find, increasing the chances that coupons will remain valid for the maximum amount of time. It’s always worth checking before you go out to shop to see if there are savings you could make, and when gift shopping for occasions, many of our more unusual discounts can provide great inspiration, such as a trail horse riding lesson.”

About Get Retail Discounts
Get Retail Discounts is a coupon listing site regularly updated with the latest offers from around the web for American customers, forming a database searchable through tags like car insurance, department store and electronics. For more information, please visit: