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'Get Rich with Dividends' Set out to Be a Big Hit

Book launch event witnessed a huge turnout


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Investing in the stock market is often an intimidating experience for many as the idea of losing money shadows the prospects of earning good money. With the right guidance even first time investors can hit the jackpot. ‘Get Rich with Dividends’, a book by Bill Wermine and Martin Wong promises to give investors the guidance needed to make the right decisions and make most of the market opportunities.

What is different about the book is that it has taken its shape from the experiences of Bill and Martin who have studied the trading world inside out. Both started out as investors but, their timing of investment is what makes them the authority figures in the business.

Every investor is likely to make mistakes but, with the knowledge provided by Bill and Martin, which they have gained during the investment boom can now help investors avoid costly mistakes and direct their money to high traffic investments that are bound to generate more money.

Martin who was inspired by his father is now writing books about investing. Before he and Bill wrote “Get Rich with Dividends”, he wrote “Dividends Don’t Lie” back in 2010. As this was several years ago, he needed to update the book, as new information was needed to invest in the ever-changing stock market. He made revisions and gave it an appropriate title “Get Rich with Dividends” so people will know what is going on today.

The book launch event was a tremendous success and experts feel given the huge turnout, there will be many takers for the book. Both Martin and Bill want their readers to use the information in the book to make a plan that will help them make intelligent investment decisions.

The goal which is to earn money will be met but, more importantly readers will benefit from the guidance they get that will help them work on their investment skills. In the book readers will gain from insight on how to build a framework and learn the technique for acquiring highest capital security and income; readers will do this by learning how to manage their risk.

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