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Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Programs Unveils the Best Way to Naturally Get Rid of Belly Fat with Tailor Made Diet Plans and Prescription Hormone Treatments

Diet Doc patients who want to get rid of belly fat are able to achieve results more quickly than by diet change alone by following uniquely designed diet plans and prescription hormone treatments


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Obesity commonly occurs when more calories are consumed than the body needs for energy. The excess fat is then put on reserve and stored for later use. Over time, the fat stores continue to grow, accumulating in the belly and creating a spare tire or muffin top effect. Referred to as visceral fat, this type of excess fat packs itself between internal organs and has been linked to a multitude of life threatening diseases and conditions.

Decades of scientific research have enabled Diet Doc to help patients in every part of the country get rid of belly fat and live longer, healthier lives. Patients attribute their overwhelming fast weight loss success to the individual care, attention and treatment that they receive from the specialists at Diet Doc. By personalizing each patient’s diet plan and prescription hormone treatments while focusing on their unique needs, thousands have been able to get rid of belly fat naturally, safely and without adverse side effects.

Recognizing that many patients do not have the time or financial means for extensive visits to doctor’s offices and weight loss clinics, Diet Doc has joined forces with Telemedicine, the most modern means of accessing the best health care in the United States from the comfort of their own home. This new technology allows patients to simply call the company or log onto the internet to complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consultation with one of Diet Doc’s physicians.

Based on this consult, diet plans will be created that are unique to each patient’s age, gender, current weight, activity level and weight loss goals. Because Diet Doc realizes that healthy eating alone will help dieters get rid of belly fat, but that the process will be slow and challenging, they incorporated weight loss supplements and prescription hormone treatments into the diet plans, as well as education on nutritional facts that help patients restore their health and get rid of belly fat permanently.

Dieters will receive a one-year prescription for these exclusive weight loss supplements, diet pills and prescription hormone treatments that naturally target body fat in the hard to reach areas and help patients naturally and rapidly get rid of belly fat while keeping energy levels elevated and the body functioning at optimal capacity while dieting.

For added convenience, refills can be easily and effortlessly ordered over the phone or internet for immediate delivery directly to the patient’s home or office. Included with each shipment, patients will find a Certificate of Analysis, performed by a third party laboratory, detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients.

Diet Doc’s modernized and personal approach to fast weight loss has helped people nationwide get rid of belly fat and restore their health, while looking and feeling better than ever before and has made the company the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management.

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Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

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